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Fair Workweek
in New Jersey

Discover the most robust reporting tools, comprehensive and flexible scheduling system to comply with Fair Workweek Law in New Jersey.

Fair Workweek Law
in New Jersey is Coming Soon

While not in place yet, many hospitality workers in New Jersey have come together to push for the ordinance to reach the state. In response to COVID-19, keeping our retail, grocery, warehouse, food production, and food delivery workers safe now and beyond the pandemic is at the heart of the argument for the scheduling law. There are approximately 1 million employees who would be affected by the Fair Workweek laws in New Jersey. These are the key points the NJ Fair Workweek coalition calls for:

fair workweek software for nyc

Advanced notice on scheduling (14 days)

fair workweek scheduling software

Hazard pay of time and a half

fai workweek compliant software

11 hours of rest between shifts

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Offer additional hours to existing employees before hiring new

With Fair Workweek now in effect in several major cities and states across the country, prepare your business by exploring your options.

Empower your teams with the ability to manage schedules, monitor scheduling fees, and properly report premium pay.

5 Must-Haves for Fair Workweek

NYC fair workweek software for restaurants

Good Faith Documentation

Distribute, manage, and complete Good Faith Estimate documentation with employees throughout the pre and post hire lifecycle.

Demand Forecasting

Build schedules that utilize historical data, demand forecasting, and activity-based intelligence to assess the precise amount of labor needed, weeks in advance.

New york fair workweek software for restaurants

Receive Real-Time Alerts

Access real-time alerts to schedule changes and employee time-off requests that require Fair Workweek considerations and tracking.

Prevention Management

View alerts when publishing changes to a schedule that will result in premium pay entitlements.

fair workweek compliance in new york
fair workweek compliance in nyc

Audit Violations

View and audit detailed reports on all the premium payments that resulted from scheduling changes.

Preparing for Fair Workweek

Manage these complex regulations in a proactive fashion, both from a scheduling and a timekeeping perspective, allowing operators to more effectively schedule and manage teams, while minimizing the risk of non-compliance. Download a free Fair Workweek Checklist to audit your current schedule & Fair Workweek provider.

Fair Workweek
Complete Guide

This complete guide will thoroughly explain what the Fair Workweek ordinances means, a breakdown by cities putting it into practice, and the Harri solution.

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